Hi.  Thank you for checking into Glacier’s Blog.  I have spent quite a few years in the Information Technology field, but just within the last year I began working with SQL.  I have worked my way through many query-related tasks over the last several months, but I have avoided the maintenance and monitoring related tasks of managing SQL databases.  Several months back, I was taking a SQL course through New Horizons where my instructor, George Squillace, discussed this tremendous resource called PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server).  I joined PASS and then started counting down the days until SQL Saturday event occurred in Indianapolis.  The event was this past Saturday.  It was an outstanding event, and I would recommend it to anyone with an ounce of interest in SQL.  I enjoyed sessions from David Maxwell, Kathi Kellenberger, Aaron Cutshall, and Rob Volk and Julie Smith to name just a few.

While there were many wonderful things that I learned at this event, there were a few things that really stuck out the most.  David Maxwell encouraged documentation.  Document what you do in depth because at some point you will encounter the issue again, and you will want to be able to find the information quickly and solve the issue quickly – and who knows it might be 2 am, you are sleeping, and someone else has to rely on your documentation.  After spending some time this morning reviewing David’s blog, I realized that I need to create a blog where I can document my experiences with SQL so that I can quickly reference them in the future and others can read about my adventures.  If along the way someone learns how to do something based on a post here, then that is just gravy.

When I find something useful, I hope to post it here but there probably won’t be regular daily or weekly posts.  I plan to post information about what I’ve done as well as backlinks to other sites that I find useful.

Thank you!  Enjoy.