Crystal Reports: Show All Headers on Drill Down

Have you found yourself drilling down into suppressed data in Crystal Reports only to realize there is nothing identifying the report or what data is in each column? You can fight with adding a second group header and suppressing it via conditional logic. That will work, and in some cases it will be necessary to meet your desired result, but there is a simpler way with a broader stroke.

Crystal Reports has a feature which can be enabled called “Show All Headers On Drill Down”. This feature will do exactly as it says. It will show all headers as you drill down into your data. For me, on my most recent report, this was enough for me to meet my needs.

To enable this feature, go to File > Report Options > enable check box for “Show All Headers On Drill Down”.  After you click “OK”, you should be able to see your header when you drill down into your data.

Today’s shout out goes to DBlank who posted on here which guided me down this path.

Good luck and safe reporting!


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